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10 Best SEO Chrome Extensions Available for Free

Explore the Chrome extensions that our team of SEO and digital marketing experts use every day.

01 Mar 2024, by Chris Kamm in SEO, Digital Marketing Blog.

What are Chrome Extensions?

The extensions bar in Google Chrome
At the top right of your browser, you can see all of your extensions added from the Chrome Web Store.

What are the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO?

1. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

The Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

2. Moz Bar

The Moz Bar SEO extension

3. Redirect Path

"I use the Redirect Path Chrome extension every day as part of my routine SEO work. It's a quick and easy way to identify and fix potential link issues, redirects and errors that aren't obvious at first glance to improve the experience on our clients’ sites."

Redirect Path extension for Google Chrome

4. View Image Info

The View Image Info extension examining the dimensions and filetype of an image.

5. Image Alt Text Viewer

The image alt text viewer extension displaying an image's alternate text

6. Google Lighthouse

The Core Web Vitals score from Google Lighthouse for the Zelst homepage
Here's the Core Web Vitals generated through the Google Lighthouse extension for the Zelst homepage. Looks like we've scored pretty well!

“A brilliant tool for testing the Core Web Vitals of any page. In particular, it’s great for viewing the LCP and CLS, both of which can be optimised quickly for SEO.”

7. Keyword Surfer

The Google search engine results page with the Keyword Surfer extension providing similar keyword ideas

8. Grammarly for Chrome

“With Grammarly, I’ve been able to elevate my clarity in writing, not to mention my fluency, tone, and word choice. The extension adds the polish you’ve been missing – every time you start typing.”

The Grammarly extension providing a spell check for the incorrect spelling of 'digital marketing'

9. Glimpse

Extra keyword suggestions in Google Trends provided by the Glimpse extension.

10. Awesome Screen Recorder & Screenshot

The user interface for the Awesome Screen Recorder and Screenshot

Final Thoughts