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19 Major Google Shopping Problems

Is your digital marketing campaign suffering from Google Shopping Problems? Have you ever thought, ‘Google Shopping doesn’t work for me’? Or are you struggling with Google ads issues?

The 19 Biggest Google Shopping Problems That We See Every Day

  • The product must be approved in your Google Merchant Centre account.
  • The product must be active in your Google ads account at both campaign and ad group levels.
  • The product must be in stock.
  • Check the product bid. If the bid is too low, your product won’t show up in the ad auction. Consider raising the bid to the recommended amount suggested in your Google ads account.
  • Check your campaign budget. You may need to raise your campaign budget to ensure that your ads are appearing. Look for any campaigns that are “limited by budget” in your Google Ads account.
  • Optimise your product listing. While you’re not bidding on keywords for your ad to appear with Google Shopping ads, unlike Search campaigns, you can still optimise your product by adding key terms to your product title and description or just adding a bit more detail about the product.
  • id
  • title
  • description
  • link
  • image_link
  • additional_image_link
  • mobile_link
  • google_product_category
  • product_type
  • condition
  • availability
  • price
  • sale_price
  • gtn
  • brand
  • mpn
  • identifier_exists
  • special project attributes
  • item_group_id
  • colour
  • gender
  • size
  • age_group
  • adult
  • custom_label attribute
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