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Pillar Content Strategy

You may have heard the term pillar content thrown around a lot during content strategy meetings. Although it’s a term that most content marketers are familiar with, the method for creating a successful pillar content strategy is much more unfamiliar which is why we have created these easy-to-follow steps for creating your own.

07 Jan 2021, in Content, SEO.
  • What is pillar content?
  • How do you create pillar content?
  • What are the benefits of creating a pillar content strategy?
  • How long should a pillar page be?
  • How do you choose content pillars?

What is Pillar Content?

topic clusters
HubSpot perfectly demonstrates what a pillar content strategy is with this diagram.

4 Simple Steps To Creating a Pillar Content Strategy

Step 1. Decide on the topic

  • Choose an overall topic which is plentiful in information and has the opportunity to be easily expanded from varying angles.
  • If you’re struggling to come up with any suitable content ideas, we recommend using Answer The Public – an easy tool that offers a range of topics to work from.

Step 2. Create a topic cluster map

  • In a similar fashion to a mind map, map out your first tier of additional content.
  • Then, create topic clusters of further content pieces that could also fall under a similar theme surrounding this additional related content.
  • Now you’ve created a topic cluster map which identifies multiple posts to expand from and link back to the main pillar content piece.

Step 3. Write the main pillar content

  • Once you have finalised the main pillar topic, the first tier of sub-content and the extra content pieces in clusters around them, you can then start to write your main pillar post.
  • For now, you can highlight or map where you can link from the main pillar piece to any expanded content pillar blog posts.
  • This method is beneficial as it helps you to identify where links can be added in at a later date.
brainstorming pillar content
In short, a pillar content strategy is beneficial for creating organic traffic to your website or blog in the following ways:

1.Helps all pillar content related posts rank higher on Google

2.Helps you to improve your overall internal linking system on your website

3.Improve user experience on your website

4.Reduces bounce rate

How Long is Pillar Content?

measuring pillar content strategy
Before creating a content pillar strategy, you should consider the following points:
  • Your business’ niche
  • Which keywords you want to appear for in the SERPs
  • The likeness of you appearing as a featured snippet