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The Google Ads Kick-Ass Guide to Black Friday

With Black Friday (Friday 26th November 2021) and Cyber Monday (Monday 29th November 2021) just around the corner, your Google Ads account and all of your campaigns must be in tip-top shape.

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How to prepare your Google Ads account for Black Friday

Google Search Ads

Optimise Search Ad Copy

Target Relevant Keywords

Set Up Search Ad Countdowns


Utilise Extensions


Remarketing and RLSAs

Similar Audiences

Google Shopping Campaigns


Google Ads Black Friday Checklist

  • Don’t limit your campaigns – ensure you have a budget plan in place ahead of time.
  • Set up promotion extensions within Google Ads.
  • Add Black Friday references to your ad headlines and descriptions.
  • Consider adding countdown headlines to your ads.
  • Set up ad extensions – including price, site links, callouts and structured snippets.
  • Feed management is the key to product listings, so ensure all products within your feed are fully optimised.
  • Add a new shopping campaign focusing on those specific products that are on promotion.
  • Utilise the use of Google Merchant Center promotions OR include a sale_price column within your product feed.
  • Use both RLSAs and similar audiences within all of your Black Friday campaigns.
  • Avoid issues with approvals, updates, promotional changes by doing everything ahead of time.