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7 Game-Changing Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO

Google Trends is a powerful platform often underutilised by search marketers.

What is Google Trends?

How does Google Trends Work?

How to Use Google Trends

Google trends search bar

1. Find related search terms and topics

2. Gain a competitive advantage

Search results for Hello Fresh in Google Trends
Comparing competitors in Google Trends for SEO
Sub Region View in Google Trends
Search Filters for Google Trends

3. Don’t ignore the trending data at a glance

Trending Data in Google Trends
Year in Search on Google Trends

4. Incorporate seasonality into your strategy

Microsoft Teams results in Google Trends
Related topics in Google Trends

5. Utilise local SEO opportunities

Solicitor Sub Region Example
  • Create useful, regional-centric content that taps into events, news and valuable information aimed specifically for your localised customer. E.g. “House Prices are Skyrocketing in Wythenshawe this Spring. Read our 7 Best Practices for a Stress-Free House Move”.
  • You can also target your chosen regions or cities with a sophisticated AdWords campaign. Help reduce wasted spend on areas where there is little interest in your services or products and instead, just run the ads in the places where your potential customers need you.

6. Push Google Shopping at peak times

Garden Chairs Seasonality Google Trends

7. Optimise your video content

Hairstyle Youtube Results in Google Trends
Video optimisation Google Trends example

To conclude