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How to Use Headings for SEO

Headings and SEO go hand in hand. While heading tags are not a direct ranking factor on Google, optimising your headings for SEO can improve your SERP visibility and help you target relevant visitors.

What Is A Heading In SEO?

  • to be a signpost
  • to briefly describe what a section of content is about
  • to provide context
  • to structure your content
  • to break up long pieces of text to make them easier to read

How Do You Use SEO Headings?

Using H1 Tags

  • Include your primary keyword in the heading
  • Style your h1 to stand out against other headings and page content
  • Make your h1 short, descriptive and easy to digest

Using H2 Tags

Using H3-H6 Tags

Why Are Headings Important For SEO?

SEO Headings Best Practice