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Understanding Common HTTP Errors

Understanding common HTTP errors is important for a happy and healthy website. Websites are made up of URLs, so it’s important to ensure that all of your URLs are working properly for optimum website health. In this post, we’re going to walk you through the most common server errors, and what to expect when you encounter one.

25 Aug 2020, by Jordan Briggs-de Beere in SEO.

What are Server Status Codes?

Server Status Codes for SEO

HTTP Status Code 200 – OK

HTTP Status Code 301 – Permanent Redirect

HTTP Status Code 302 – Temporary Redirect

HTTP Status Code 404 – Page Not Found

Road sign showing 301 redirect server status code
Server Errors
404 server code drawing.

HTTP Status Code 410 – Gone

HTTP Status Code 500 – Internal Server Error

HTTP Status Code 503 – Service Unavailable