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What Can I Do to Get Fake Online Reviews Removed?

Getting fake online reviews for your business can be extremely stressful and frustrating, particularly when you know that the reviewer has never been a client of yours or has never even approached your company.

How to Spot Fake Online Reviews

  • The reviewer’s name isn’t in your customer order database.
  • The reviewer has left lots of other similar negative reviews for other businesses.
  • The reviewer does not contact you or elaborate after you have responded to their review asking for their contact details so you can resolve the alleged issue.
  • The review includes false information.

Step 2: How to Respond to Fake Online Reviews

Step 3: How to Remove a Fake Online Review

  • Click “read review” on the email you get from Google initially notifying you of the review.
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the review.
  • Follow the steps, choosing an option as to how it violates Google’s policy.
  • Then, enter details of who is reporting the review, and how you are related to the business.
  • Log into your Google My Business Page.
  • Navigate to ‘reviews’ section.
  • Click on the home menu, and then select support.
  • Choose your preferred method of contact: phone or email.
  • If you choose your phone as a preferred contact method, Google’s team should call within one minute, and you can explain everything to the advisor.
  • The email address you attach is your tool to communicate with Google over this case, and they will escalate the case for you to a specialist team via this email.
  • Complete the relevant information required. Attach a screenshot of the fake online review and any supporting information you believe will be helpful.
  • Submit your report and you should hear back within two working days.
  • If successful, the review will be taken down.

Removing a Fake Trustpilot Review:

  • Click on reviews > product reviews on the left-hand side menu.
  • Find the review you wish to report and click ‘report’ that appears under the review.
  • A screen will then pop-up explaining the reporting steps: before you continue, you need to be aware of what details and reasoning you give to Trustpilot, as it will be made public on the distorted review as to why it’s under investigation.
  • Select whether you want to report the review text or image, and press the ‘continue’ button.
  • Then, choose the reason why you are reporting your review (e.g. harmful or illegal) and select ‘continue’ again.
  • Trustpilot will then display your report summary including the reason you selected and information regarding the following steps.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email from Trustpilot once you’ve reported the review.
  • They will also mention that reviewing the report may take several days. In this time, they will contact the reviewers to see if they have any evidence to support their review.
  • If you have any evidence to support your claim that the reviews are fake, such as the language being copied and pasted from a review they’ve left elsewhere, then email it back to Trustpilot as this will help your case.

Removing Fake Yell Reviews:

  • To report fake yell reviews you believe violate Yell’s reviews policy, click on ‘report review’ next to the review.
  • Yell’s support team will then analyse the content and check this against their guidelines and email you with an update on the outcome, whether it’s been successfully removed or not.
  • You can also remove fake Yell reviews by deleting your account. However, this might not be ideal for your business as it will delete all reviews. This includes any positive reviews and they won’t be restored if you decide to restore your account later down the line.

Step 4: Stay Calm and Think of the Bigger Picture

Step 5: Remember your Current and Future Customers

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