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Digital Remarketing

What Is Digital Remarketing?

Digital remarketing specifically targets people who have already visited your site and are familiar with your business. Perhaps their page crashed, the connection failed or they simply became distracted, so their intention to buy was compromised.

Digital remarketing provides a gentle reminder to customers to finish their purchase and return to your website. It can be used on a range of different platforms, including social media and content platforms. If you often find products or services you are interested in popping up alongside an article or news story you happen to be reading and wonder how your phone knows what you’re interested in, you don’t need to panic - it’s just the psychic power of remarketing.

Is retargeting the same as remarketing?

Working with a PPC remarketing agency

Benefits of PPC remarketing services


Average organic traffic growth %


Average increase in search visibility %


Average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for eCommerce clients %

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