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What is a CSS and how is it different to Google Shopping?

Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) are alternative shopping services to Google Shopping, which are displayed in Google Search results that allow searches to be more competitive and varied, following the EU Ruling in 2017 that Google had an unfair advantage by favoring their own Shopping Ads in search results.

There’s no need to worry; your website’s shopping ads will still appear in Google’s search results, meaning you’ll still have access to high volumes of traffic but with the bonus of a discounted cost-per-click! You can also continue to pay Google Ads for your ads as normal and access your Google Ads and Google Merchant Account as you do now, but you save 20% on the click cost and either benefit from increased visibility, clicks and sales or a reduced bill. You can read more details from Google on how CSS’s work with Google here.

Benefits of using a CSS agency for Google Shopping

Certified Google Partner

Zelst is proud to be an official Google Partner, specializing in Search and Shopping. Our team of biddable media specialists are all qualified, certified and experienced Google Specialists with Google Partner Status. This means all our client campaigns are adhering to Google’s strict performance standards, we can demonstrate significant growth in our client base and we undertake continual training and examinations on an annual basis to ensure we are at the top of our game.

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