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How to Promote Music Through Social Media Music Marketing

You’ve most likely seen a new music artist growing rapidly on social media, often with an engaging profile that you’d like to replicate and thousands of followers.

1. Establishing Your Online Image


2. Strategically Utilising Social Media

You can pick up a large number of fans from festivals and good support slots, but it has got to the point now where social media is relied upon by industry professionals to monitor a band’s success and help in the selection process. So even if it’s not directly responsible for building your fan base, it is still pretty integral

James, Late Night Legacy

Promote your music on YouTube







Making the most of your platforms with Paid Social

3. Branching and Networking

Top Tips from Late Night Legacy

  • Make sure you’re creative; people quickly become disengaged with stale and repetitive content.
  • Try to make sure you understand the audience you’re aiming towards so you can make the biggest impact on that group as possible; as your brand visibility grows, your fanbase will organically increase alongside it.
  • Be professional but also don’t take yourself too seriously, as the most important thing is that it’s enjoyable for everyone involved.

You focus on the music; we’ll focus on the marketing