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Profit Driven Search Marketing: Why Flexibility Equals Profitability

24 Mar 2015, in PPC.

Introduction: Efficiency vs. Profitability

How to Adopt a Profit Driven Search Marketing Strategy

Defining your profits

Customer lifetime value x lift from additional conversion type x word of mouth value = revenue per customer [type A]

Revenue – advertising & conversion cost = profit per customer [type A]

  • see what impact these different variables have on your net profit from search
  • align your KPIs to achieve the desired business outcomes
  • in Google’s terms, “connect real people with what they need at the moment they need it”

An increase in profits should follow naturally.

Using your total profit figures to optimise advertising spend

Useful Resources
  • Google’s guide to profit driven search marketing
  • Google’s collection on profit driven marketing
  • Some additional metrics that you might wish to consider, provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) for Huffington Post