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When would you need SEO migration services?

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SEO Migration Strategy and Process

We find the best results are achieved when we get involved in the process right from the start, from when you first begin thinking of developing a new website.

We develop a carefully thought-out SEO migration strategy, which ensures everyone understands:

  • What is going to happen, and when
  • What their role is in the migration
  • What they should expect
  • What should be achieved

Once you’ve lost your previous authority and rankings, it is much harder and will take much longer to get them back. This is why it’s much more effective for us to be involved from the planning stage, as we know how to ensure your website’s authority and value are passed onto the new site.

SEO Migration Services with Zelst

  1. Preparing

We can prepare your website for migration and advise you on how to give your migration the best chance of success, such as when to launch your new website.

   2. Crawling

Once the staging site (sometimes known as a nav site) has been created, we can really get to work. We’ll crawl the staging site for on-page and backend SEO optimization opportunities, as well as review the staging site from a UX and functionality perspective.

  3. Redirecting

One of the biggest pitfalls of any SEO migration is the redirects. If a 301 redirect is not set up successfully, then you may not pass on the value and authority from the existing site to the new site, which can have devastating effects. We can highlight where any redirects have not been set up or have been set up poorly, such as if there are any loops or chains that could impact your website.

  4. Testing

Once your new site is live, we’ll spring into action and test everything. We’ll check your robots.txt file, review your new website’s speed and mobile friendliness, crawl the old pages to test the redirects and request indexing from Google and Bing.

  5. Monitoring

The SEO migration isn’t over on the go-live date. We’ll continue to closely monitor your website’s visibility, rankings and traffic. Although we expect to see fluctuation immediately after the migration, this should level out, and the improvements to your website should begin to show some results.

Of course, a significant amount of work is needed to ensure a successful site migration. Peter, our managing director, likens it to a duck on a lake, it may look easy and smooth from the outside, but there is plenty of paddling going on under the water!

If you’re interested in knowing exactly what goes into an SEO migration, check out our comprehensive guide to site migrations. If you would like to work with Zelst’s SEO migration services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.

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