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Are Google Images Free to Use?

Every online marketer worth their salt understands the importance of having decent imagery on their websites, blogs and social media. Google Images is free to use and you can find almost any image you can think of.

Using Images from Google

  • The pictures are only used for personal and not commercial purposes
  • You credited the artist or photographer and linked back to their website
  • You put a disclaimer on your site to absolve yourself from liability
  • The images are embedded and not saved on your server
  • You take the image(s) down as soon as you receive a DMCA notice

Creative Commons Licenses


Alternatives to Google Images

  • Check the licensing restrictions on all the images you reproduce
  • Use image sharing and social media sites like Pinterest with care
  • Assume that all images are copyrighted until you have proof to the contrary
  • Remember that giving credit isn’t the same as having permission
  • If in any doubt, contact the artist or photographer requesting permission