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How to Turn Your Customers into Your Promoters

Using user generated content is the best way to turn your customers into your promoters. The 21st-century consumer has come to expect recent reviews and high-quality customer product photos at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Therefore, working user generated content into your overall marketing strategy is essential to add value to your brand and spread awareness of your products and services.

What is User Generated Content?

Why is User Generated Content Effective?

Why Should My Business Use User Generated Content?

The Best Platforms for User Generated Content

Social Media Application Icons on a Smartphone
Each social media platform has its own analytics tools to help you measure your success against your goals. Choose which social network is best for your company, based on your target audience. If you need help with refining your target audience, check out our blog on how to create a buyer persona in 4 easy steps.

Best Practices for Using User Generated Content

Examples of User Generated Content
Shot On iPhone Campaign Contribution of a Singapore HDB Flat
Apple’s 2019 #ShotOniPhone Campaign, Darren Soh (Singapore), iPhone Xs Max from Apple