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The Value of SEO Site Audits

Anybody, or anything, can carry out a Technical SEO Site Audit, especially with tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Conductor, etc., but you need an experienced SEO to really understand what changes are viable, and what changes they can implement that will genuinely make a difference to a sites visibility, usability and profitability.

01 Sep 2023, by Peter Van Zelst in SEO.

The Value of a Technical SEO Site Audit

Why Is It Essential To Crawl Websites Regularly?

SEO Health Score Site Audit Dashboard
SEO Health Score Site Audit Dashboard

What Tools Should You Use to Undertake SEO Site Audits?

Why Not Just Use One SEO Tool?

What a Tool is Good For?

What a Tool Will Not Tell You

How Should You Use Site Audit

“Any SEO tool will spit out 10s or 100s of ‘recommendations,’ most of those are going to be irrelevant to your site’s visibility in search. Finding the items that make sense to work on takes to experience”.

John Mueller

Where Experience is Essential in Site Audits

Walking the Walk, Not Just Talking the Talk, and Doing the Do

What to Expect from an SEO Site Audit and Technical SEO