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SEO Trend Predictions for 2024

13 Mar 2024, in SEO, Digital Marketing Blog.

SEO in 2024: A Year Influenced by AI-assisted Search

1. Google SGE to impact Healthcare and Ecom the most

2. Google to reward legitimate topical expertise

3. Businesses to join TikTok or lose out on potential traffic

4. The proliferation of black hat techniques and AI

5. Creating content that matches user search intent

6. A crackdown on content quality with Google favouring thought leaders

7. WebP image files to eventually replace traditional JPEGs

8. A shift away from Google’s dominant market share as users’ attention spans decrease

9. Short-form content to become king

Video content to become the best way to establish a brand

11. Voice search to grow in popularity alongside wearable tech

Technical SEO will make a comeback

SEO will be labelled ‘dead’ (again)

Wrapping Up